About Us






Matt Godard came home from a 2004 trip to Guatemala with a transformative vision of the effect that coffee can have on an entire culture. Witnessing first hand the connection cultivated between farmers who toil and nurture a delicately balanced crop, the local community roasters who tirelessly strive to find the perfect profile, and the people who celebrate the process in its entirety by brewing at home for loved ones. Matt then decided to develop a plan to encompass this delicate and vital elemental dance and bring inspiration to Syracuse’s burgeoning coffee community.  As Matt honed his craft, word began to spread. Before long he’d bought an old Royal #5 roaster and refurbished it himself, and in 2007 he opened Kubal’s first storefront in Syracuse’s Eastwood neighborhood on James St. For the next two years Matt roasted all of Kubal’s beans himself in the Eastwood cafe, until in 2009 when he opened an office, kitchen, and roasting space known as La Roasteria, Inc.

From the start, Cafe Kubal has been committed to community involvement. Through visits to coffee farms abroad, Matt grew to understand just how vital coffee can be to people’s way of life. Therefore, Café Kubal is dedicated to helping nurture economies abroad through educated purchasing practices, such as utilizing fair trade varietals as often as possible.   

Café Kubal strives to translate these practices locally by working closely with small, local business, that put the Syracuse economy first. We work with vendors who provide Pride of New York State products, we employ a majority of Syracuse City residents, and we make conscientious decisions with our community in mind. We look to cohesively work in tandem with community leaders to make the City of Syracuse a wonderful place to live and thrive.