About Us

We make the same great coffee with even deeper purpose and meaning. We still believe in “coffee for the soul”.

Here is what our logo represents:

  • The three beans are indicative of the roasting process: green for unroasted,, blond for roasting, dark brown for roasted
  • The three beans also represent the three groups of people involved: the farmer, the roaster (us), the coffee drinkers (you).
  • Our tag, “coffee for the soul” is the culmination of these qualities. When our practices are in tune, the approach is deep, soulful, real.

We needed to change to be better.

We needed to change to grow.

We needed to change to be bigger.

There are so many causes that we want to help, so many lives that we want to change, so much of the coffee growing globe that we want to see, that we have to move forward.

Humble beginnings

Café Kubal’s owner Matt Godard came home from a 2004 trip to Guatemala with two things. Not only had he met his future wife, he had seen for himself the transformative effect that coffee can have on an entire culture. Inspired to bring some of that home to Syracuse, he bought a homemade 8 lb. batch roaster and started roasting in his parents’ basement, selling the beans to family and friends. From these humble origins, Café Kubal was born.

As Matt honed his craft, word began to spread. Before long he’d bought an old Royal #5 roaster and refurbished it himself, and in 2007 Kubal’s first storefront opened in Syracuse’s Eastwood neighborhood. For the next two years Matt roasted all of Kubal’s beans himself in the Eastwood cafe, until in 2009 he opened an office, kitchen, and roasting space known as La Roasteria.

From the start, Café Kubal has been committed to sustainability and community involvement. Through his buying visits to coffee farms abroad, Matt knows firsthand just how vital coffee can be to people’s way of life. Kubal is dedicated to helping grow and sustain farmers and villages throughout the coffee growing world.

That philosophy applies at home in Syracuse, too, where Matt’s deep roots in the area have helped drive Kubal’s growth. Bob Doucette, who helped to lead the development of Syracuse’s Armory Square, reached out to Matt.  The result of the partnership with Dey’s Brother Plaza is the Downtown Cafe, which opened in the Fall of 2011 as the first anchor in developer Bob Doucette’s vision of turning the ground level of the building into a marketplace of local foods. And when Rescue Mission wanted launch a trendy thrift store with a coffee shop in it at Marshall Square Mall, they knew where to turn—Café Kubal. Part of Cafe Kubal’s profit at the SU Cafe location is proudly donated to Rescue Mission.