The Café Kubal Podcast:

Check out these interviews with owner Matt Godard and local influencers, business owners, politicians, and local personalities as they discuss everything from business, advertising, coffee, and the City of Syracuse.  You can play the available episodes below or find us on iTunes.


 Episode 20 

Episode 19 with Syracuse City Councilman Michael Greene

Episode 18 with Kim Townsend


Episode 17 with Joanne Lenweaver


Episode 16 with Mayor Ben Walsh 


Episode 15 with guest Khalid Bey


Episode 14 with guest Michael John Heagerty


Episode 13 with guest Onondaga County Executive Ryan McMahon


 Episode 12 with guest Bill Brod of The Syracuse New Times

Episode 11 with guest Michael Benny of CNY Central
 Episode 10 with guest Paul Daly of Congruent Story in Syracuse


Episode 9 with Jeff Knauss of The Digital Hyve in Syracuse
Episode 8 with Michael Sgro of Michael Sgro Leadership Coaching in Syracuse
Episode 7 with Lauren Kochian President of The MOST in Syracuse
Episode 6 with Syracuse City Councilor Joe Driscoll
Episode 5 with Paul Valenti of Glazed and Confused in Syracuse