Seasonal Roast

New Coffee Is Brewing & You Don't Want To Miss This!

The Midnight Oil Roast

This dark roast Papua New Guinea has a smooth yet pungent flavor with sufficient caffeine to keep you going while burning the midnight oil! Suitable for a study break. Served as a ready fuel for a productive meeting! 

  • Roast : Dark
  • Region : Wahgi Valley
  • Notes : Roasted chestnuts, dates, figs, and notes of thyme. 

    Fireside Roast

    At Café Kubal, we're always striving to fine tune our roasting technique. Kubal Fireside Roast is a blend of Papua New Guinea and Brazil, roasted at a higher temperature to bring out the strong aroma that is reminiscent of cozy campfire, graham crackers, chocolate and roasted nuts. It's a perfect roast to bring with you on a ski trip or a weekend at the cabin. Be sure to have a book with you or find a cozy spot by the fireplace while enjoying this flavorful cup.

    • Roast: Medium-Dark
    • Region: Mogiana, Brazil and Wahgi Valley, Papua New Guinea
    • Notes: Chocolate, Roasted Nuts and Cozy Campfire Aroma