KubalCoWorks monthly rates

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Conceptualized as a cafe and coworks fusion, #KubalCoWorks brings you a community with coffee and collaboration. Run by Kubal's Leadership Team who is professionally trained in hospitality. We believe that you are more productive if your needs are met and you are treated with kindness.
The space has a full coffee bar just like one of our cafes-- only you get to come behind the counter and learn how we do coffee as a welcome distraction to break up the stale, spreadsheet, glazed over feeling you may experience if your coffee breaks aren't for real.

kubalcoworks@cafekubal.com or (315) 605-8225

We offer a variety of CoWorking options.
  • Hot Desk - move around in the space and camp out anywhere you see an open seat
  • Personal Desk - move in. Set up shop. Park your things.
  • Office - Need to focus? Get your own office.
  • Day Pass - just come in for one day and enjoy the productive environment.